Mining & Exploration

  • Project management of all aspects of civil construction including drill pad and access roads

  • Negotiation of land access agreements under native title and the NT Aboriginal Land Rights Act with land councils, traditional owners

  • Liaison with relevant Government agencies

  • Pastoral land access negotiation and agreement contract management

  • Mining and exploration logistics

  • Seismic line preparation including clearing and rehabilitation

  • Cultural heritage management

  • Community engagement

  • Indigenous training mentoring and employment

Terrabos’ principal area of expertise is in onshore oil and gas exploration and the mining industry, offering a complete range of field services as a one-stop-shop. Terrabos is the first onsite and last offsite giving clients one point of contact for all aspects of their operations, and engendering complete confidence from relevant stakeholders that all agreements, including health, safety and environmental regulations will be adhered to.

To date, Terrabos has negotiated and managed land access agreements for multiple oil and gas companies onto 26 pastoral stations for on-ground operations, and a further 30 stations for minor exploration works. This includes agreements with traditional Aboriginal owners under the Native Title Act and the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. This achievement is unsurpassed to date and covers an area 2/3 of the size of Victoria.

  • Business plan development and implementation

  • Infrastructure development plans, implementation and construction

  • Pastoral infrastructure and environmental assessment

  • Pastoral station management advice and assistance

  • Aboriginal employment and training in the pastoral industry

  • Lease negotiation of Aboriginal land under the Northern Territory Land Rights Act

  • Indigenous pastoral business development, training in station operations and mentoring

  • Negotiation of long-term pastoral lease agreements on Aboriginal land under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Right Act 1976

  • Cultural heritage management

  • Negotiation of multi-use agreements encompassing pastoral, mining, tourism, feral animal control and mustering

  • Development and management of pastoral infrastructure plans

  • Business plan development and implementation

  • Applications for grant funding from appropriate agencies

  • Business mentoring and training

  • Pastoral station management advice and assistance

  • Aboriginal employment and training

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Cultural awareness training

  • Comprehensive understanding of the NT Land Rights Act and the Native Title Act

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