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Gunbalanya Meat Supply

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Indigenous Consultation & Economic Development

Project date: 2007 – on going

About this project:

Based at Oenpelli in west Arnhem Land and owned by the traditional Aboriginal landowners, Gunbalanya Meat Supply Pty Ltd (GMS) has operated a station and meatworks for many years. The meatworks is based in the community and the station encompasses the surrounding floodplain and high country. David became involved while working at the Northern Land Council where he facilitated a long-term lease and infrastructure development project. When David established Terrabos, lessee, the Indigenous Land Corporation, engaged his services to continue working with the GMS Board and local community. Ten years on, David continues to work with the ILC and GMS Board plus community stakeholders and his relationship with the Oenpelli community is still very strong.

  • Negotiated 20 year lease covering Gunbalanya Station and meatworks for the traditional owner company Gunbalanya Meat Supply Pty Ltd
  • Negotiated 15 year sub lease to the Indigenous Land Corporation. This included a substantial infrastructure development plan, training component and business development strategy
  • On going business planning and training with the GMS traditional owner board.
  • On going liaison work between the ILC, GMS board, Northern Land Council and Gunbalanya community. This is to ensure harmony, understanding and direction exists between stakeholders.